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There is a need for food grocery relief not only in our immediate families, communities, states, and around the Unites States.  We are priveledged to be able to Serve God in a capacity where we can serve our neighbors by providing some monetary relief.  

Pastor Ryckie Fernandez

Minister of Outreach

Pastor Jonathan Hegenbart


Joshua Hegenbart

Minister of Outreach

Tiffany Hegenbart

our leadership team

Working hard to feed and help others is a passion of mine. My wife and I started The Box in 2015 and are encouraged by the direction God has taken us. We are excited about what God is doing to help others with the gift of food not only for our bodies, but also our soul.

 In His Service,

 Pastor Jon Hegenbart

Foundation History

  1. In 2015, God had called my family to serve in a way, which would bring relief and hope to struggling families who could use some help with the ever rising food costs.  Along with my wife Tiffany, my brother Josh,and good friend Pastor Ryckie, we decided to begin The Box Food Ministries.  The Box Food Ministries a                        Non-Denominational, Christian Ministry whose sole purpose is to Glorify God by serving others.

  2. We have this unique opportunity to help people, families, and the elderly all over the nation in the effort to eradicate hunger by offering a low cost, but high quality prepackaged box of food.

  3. It is a theme throughout Scripture to help others.  It is not only about helping others, but it is serving others.  We read in scripture how the hungry were fed, the sick healed, the neglected loved, and the unsaved brought to Christ.  The Box Food Ministries strives to continue the commands of the scriptures and the principles laid down by God through Christ and his Disciples is our very foundation and the heart of this ministry.  We conduct our business with a servants heart.

  4. The Box Food Ministries operates out of Auburn, Georgia, and we are looking to grow with God's blessing.  We plan on feeding people all over the nation by partnering up with churches and other like minded organizations.  

  5. We are so excited to be able to provide relief to families all over the nation, and look forward to serving you as The Box Food Ministries grows with your help.

about the hegenbarts...

At the heart of service, according to Galatians 5:13, should be love: "You my brothers, we called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge in sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love."

Donald S. Whitney

Motivated By Love

When God calls His elect to Himself, He calls no one to idleness.  When we are born again and our sins forgiven, the blood of Christ cleanses our conscience, according to Hebrews 9:14.

Donald S. Whitney




It is our call to provide grocery relief to others in need.  The Box Food Ministries will devote all of its time and effort to seeing God's love and grace to his people fulfilled through this Ministry.  

Vision & Purpose